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Podcast Interview

Sam recently had a chat with Kim Morrison on her Self Love Podcast.

Kim really get Sam to dive deep into Sam's life and the journey so far.

This is what Kim posted about the podcast interview with Sam:

‘We pretend, or maybe we just don’t know how to feel those other ‘bad emotions’. We don’t want to feel them, we don’t know how to feel them, we don’t know what we’re feeling, and it’s a real challenge. And we do say, ‘Yeah I’m good’, ‘Yeah I’m ok’, but in my experience everyone’s got something there on their chest that they need to get off. Everyone’s got some guilt and shame they’re carrying around that they don’t need to. Everyone’s got some sort of unworthiness issue, some element of being alone, and I could see that really clearly coming out the other side of that time when Jacko was 18 months. And I was like, we need to do something about this.’ ~ Sam Parker

Sam Parker is a loving father and husband. And, he is the accidental founder of the men’s health charity: ‘Grab Life By The Balls’.

Sam is a passionate men’s health advocate, hell bent on bringing positive and proactive change to the health and well-being of males across the world.

Don’t be fooled by Sam’s laidback, barefoot demeanour, he has a big heart, a big vision and the balls to match.

In honour of World Mental Health Day 2022 you will hear a remarkable man’s story from growing up in the country, to heading to a city boarding school to wanting to be a professional cricket player.

Sam Parker has learned to trust the power of his journey, the highs and the lows, and through an amazing chiropractic community, deep personal growth work and constantly embodying his coaching and mentoring he has found himself running a not for profit charity called Grab Life By The Balls.

You will hear his passion and drive to support men to live their best life. This is a must-listen for all the men in our lives.


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