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Why we started

Back in 2016 our founder, Sam Parker, was looking for something to make a difference to men's health. He was wondering how to:

  • make positive change to men's suicide rates and mental health statistics

  • improve men's health and well-being

  • a proactive, solution orientated approach that doesn't wait for the shit to hit the fan

  • create an environment for men to find their own way

  • a group that didn't force men to talk

  • get the interest of Aussie blokes rather than put them off

  • meet Aussie blokes where they are at

jacko and sp.jpeg

how it started

A burger and a few drinks with a bunch of mates in November, 2016 the penny dropped for Sam.

This was it! A complex issue could potentially be solved with something very simple- MATESHIP

Getting blokes together for a burger and brew... Bro's Burgers & Brews was birthed one month later. Exactly the same thing as his night out with mate, this time Sam just put it out to the public for anyone to come along.

And, this is the pic of the very first Burger night.


balls original.jpeg

From little things

From there burger nights happened once a month, the odd fire and bbq night took at a mate's place and few local talks.


Things started to gradually build from there.

Our first media appearance was with local radio personality, Sam Coward (and now on our board).

Followed closely by a local Win News segment.


the word spread

As word spread, blokes from across Australia were reaching out to run their own events.

With the help of Sam's good mate, Tim Robson they put together the Grab Life By The Balls board.

First appyling for Not-for-profit status and then Charity status with the ACNC.

balls locations.jpeg


Just as things were taking off... the shit hit the fan for the whole world.


With everyone facing their own stress and issues over the last couple of years Grab Life By The Balls faced an up hill battle to stay connected.

sp wagga covid catch up.jpeg

2022 & beyond

Our mission hasn't changed and we're still here!


Our goal is to connect 1 million Aussie boys and men through our social events, talks, presentations and programs. 

More Mateship, more connection, more support less mental health, less male suicide.

Making positive and proactive change to men's health and well-being

Balls Australia.png



Your donations go to growing and expanding our social events, delivering our talks and developing our programs

Give us a hand running our events across Australia

Help us out with our fundraising events

Wear your support.

We Need Your Support Today To 

Turn Men's Health Around!

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