OUr vision

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Grab Life By The Balls proactively increases the quality of men's health and well-being.

We effectively build and nurture grassroots communities within a fun, relaxed and accepting environment.

We expand and strengthen the quality of mateship between men from all walks of life through real, authentic and genuine connections.

Grab Life By The Balls creates a healthier and happier world of inspired, empowered and on-purpose men.

We are the Mateship Movement.


our values



effectively simple


solution oriented

accepting environment


authentic, genuine, real



relaxed/ laidback



why we do what we do:

the problem:

  • Australia is one of the world's healthiest societies, yet our men and boys die younger; experience more disease and have less access to support services

  • 7 men suicide everyday in Australia (of the 9 suicides per day)

  • situational distress is the major link in male suicide (eg loss of job, separation/ divorce, financial struggles)

  • social isolation (loneliness) is worse than obesity and is as bad for your health as smoking 16 cigarettes a day

  • 1.1 million Aussie men have no close friends (outside of their immediate family), males reach peak loneliness at 35


our solution:

• strong social connections keep men happy and healthy

  • better quality if life

  • more satisfied life

  • 50% increased longevity

  • strengthens immune system

• maintaining male friendships can improve males life expectancy by 22%

• having 3 close mates is one of the best things men can do for their health and well-being

how we do it:

our events:

  •  we run laid back events for men to connect, hang out and be themselves

  • there isn't much structure or formalities to our events

  • we stand around, mingle, chat have a laugh, have a good time

  • we definitely don't take ourselves too seriously

  • we create a vibe that is fun and relaxed

  • some examples of our events: coffee catch up, bacon and egg bbq breaky, burger nights 


our goal:

100 grassroots locations across australia.

more mateship, more often.

making positive change to men's health and well-being

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We Need Your Support Today To Reach Our Goal!