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Biggest bbq 2024

get on board the biggest bbq

grab life by the...bbq

7 Aussie blokes die by suicide every day.

That's seven too many.


It's time to change the game and have a fair dinkum crack at changing this. We're not just firing up the barbie; we're firing up hanging out with our mates. 

Now, let's talk BBQs. We reckon Aussies are the kings of BBQ, no doubt about it. But hold on a sec, we don't hold a single world record for it! Unacceptable!

Picture this: a bbq with ya mates on Father's day, every sporting group and that other place that cooks snags all combine to make a whole lotta positive change. We're taking over Australia, coast to coast, with the ultimate BBQ event that's gonna blow the snags right outta the water.

Where do you always find a bunch of mates hanging out, shootin' the breeze? Yep, around a flaming hot BBQ. It's like the unofficial Aussie blokes' sanctuary, where the stories flow as freely as the beers.

So, here's the plan: we're rallying the troops for the record-breaking BBQ of a lifetime. The biggest, baddest BBQ this country – nay, the world – has ever seen. We're talking heaps of sizzling grills, sausages that stretch to the horizon, and enough BBQ sauce to fill a pool.

But it's not just about searing steaks and slamming down snags. It's about coming together, mates shoulder to shoulder, and having a chinwag about stuff that's real. We're tackling the mental health stigma head-on, showing that it's okay to reach out, and proving that we've got each other's backs, no matter what.

So, what do you say, Australia? It's time to claim what's rightfully ours – the world record for the biggest BBQ – while flipping the script on men's mental health. Let's fire up those grills, fire up those conversations, and fire up change that's gonna shake the country.

Get ready for the barbie bash of the century. Unite, ignite, and make history. Are you in?

Yeah, you are! Let's do this, Australia!

Grab Life by the BBQ and Make a Difference.

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