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Our Mates- Mark Gordan Flux MVMT

Meet our mate Mark Gordan👋

Mark is the owner and trainer of the gym


This guy not only supports us, by attending, hosting, and volunteering at our events, but he is also responsible for keeping a few of us in shape, physically and mentally 💪🏽

We know the benefits from moving our bodies plays a massive role in holistic health and well-being, with it being statistically proven that exercise helps reduce stress, boost memory, reduce symptoms of negative mental health, and improve sleep, while also reducing feelings of loneliness by creating connections with others.

The community that Mark as created at Flux is amazing 💙

If you haven't already, and are looking for an awesome gym to train at, and meet great people... check out Flux MVMT

A massive thanks Mark for your ongoing support; you rock 🙌🏽


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