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Meet our newest mates

Meet our newest mates;

Mitch Dight and Charlie Schoorl

These 2 are nothing short than dead set legends 🙌🏽

These 2 mates understand the importance of mateship and bread. They baked up the idea of the world's longest bread run...

on a tandem bike 🥖🚴‍♂️

Raising awareness for mens and boys' well-being and mental health, Mitch and Charlie rode 1000km from Sydney to the Gold Coast while also raising money (the bread) for us along the way!

Mitch and Charlie...

We can not thank you enough.

Your determination

Your dedication

And your love for mateship is absolutely amazing 💙

You rock 🙌🏽

If you haven't already, head to @baked.n.naked

and check out a couple of great mates that are awesome blokes ...

and their tandem bike.

***the link to donate is in @baked.n.naked bio***


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