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Be A Great Mate certified

Sam recently caught up with Darren and the team at Sunshine Toyota to award them with their 'Great Mate Certification'.

Last month Sam presented our 'Be A Great Mate' presentation to all the teams across the Sunshine Toyota group, including a ladies morning tea.

Our 'Be A Great Mate' talks about:

- the complexities and causes of male suicide (its not what you think it is)

- the benefits of mateship

- building confidence on how to have a difficult conversation with a mate with our M.A.T.E.S acronym.

Since quietly launching our Be A Great Mate talks in September we've reached over 300 people with some great results.

After the presentation:

- 80% feel empowered

- 83% found the content relatable

- 85% would recommend the talk

- 85% felt confident reaching out to a mate

- 86% have improved knowledge of men's health

- 90% said the presentation was easy to understand

To find out more about our 'Be A Great Mate' presentation head here:


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