We are taking Grab Life By The Balls on the road. We are on a mission to have 100 grassroots locations across Australia to grow 'The Mateship Movement'. Mateship is a key component for improving men's health and reversing the horrific men's health and mental health stats.

We already run laidback events in Mooloolaba, Caloundra, Peregian, Brisbane, Newcastle, Warrnambool and Golden Bay (NZ) but more needs to be done, particularly at a grassroots level to make the change that we want and need to make.

We need your help:

- let us know if you'd like us to come and visit your community (comment below and we'll follow up)

- if you would like to donate to Grab Life By The Balls: https://donorbox.org/grab-life-by-the-balls

If you're interested in: - sponsoring or starting a location near you - sponsoring our trip - sponsoring/ donating car/ caravan Send us an email sam@grablifebytheballs.com.au #m8ship



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