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Big BBQ 2024


G'day, legends!

It's time to fire up the barbie, grab life by the BBQ.

In 2024, we're setting out on a mission that's bigger, bolder, and more Aussie than ever before – we're gearing up to host the biggest BBQ the world has ever seen!

Join us on this wild ride as we announce our audacious intention to break records, celebrate mateship, and make positive change to men's health. From the sizzle of snags to the mates around the grill, this is more than just a BBQ; it's a movement, a cause, and a celebration of everything that makes Australia great.

Prepare for a ripper of an adventure filled with heart, humor, and the undeniable spirit of mateship that defines our land down under. Get ready to meet the faces behind this mammoth endeavor, catch a glimpse of what's in store, and be a part of history in the making.

Stay tuned, legends! This is just the beginning of our journey to bring about meaningful change, one snag at a time. Subscribe, share, and follow along as we pave the way to the biggest BBQ event of 2024. Because together, we're not just flipping burgers; we're flipping the script on men's mental health.

Let's do this, Australia! It's time to Grab Life by the BBQ!

Thanks to @samilukis and @samcowardxs from @hot91sunshinecoast helping us get the word out!


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