Biggest BBQ -

Father’s Day 2020


Did you know Australia DOESN’T hold the world record for the biggest (most people attended) bbq?

Did you know that 6 Men a day commit suicide in Australia?

We don’t know about you, but we find those two stats COMPLETELY UNAUSTRALIAN.

Let’s change both of those stats! We are planning on hosting The World’s Biggest BBQ and blowing the lid on what’s going on between Aussie men’s ears.


We’ll be holding BBQ events across Australia on Sunday 6th September 2020.


Event details and information on how to register to hold an event or where you can attend an event will be released in early 2020. 


Register below to keep up to date. 

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Proactive and positive men's mental health movement.

Making a positive difference before things go pear shaped.

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