Grab Life By The Balls is all about meeting Aussie blokes where they are at.


The name evokes a certain emotion of taking responsibility for one's own actions, as well as stepping up in life- whatever that means for each individual- without the standard disempowering tactics of speaking AT men to make a change, rather than TO them.


Grab Life By The Balls creates events for blokes, from all walks of life to connect, hang out and be themselves. 


We are championing the overwhelming evidence of the positive and proactive qualities that social connection brings to individuals and communities. 


Social isolation is a factor when it comes to mental health.  We need proactive strategies alongside crisis and prevention care when it comes to men and suicide. With situational distress being the major cause of men's suicide we need more proactivity around creating 'stuff' for blokes before the shit hits the fan


The challenge of being proactive is that most men run a mile if you mention personal development/ making change/ or asking for help. 


Grab Life By The Balls acknowledges that us Aussie men could do things differently but culturally this is difficult. So, rather than telling guys to change or ask for help, we acknowledge and understand what historically it has meant to be a man in Australia. What we have found is that building connection and mateship in a space without judgement or expectation to change, will naturally lead to positive change occurring.  At worst, we have a few new mates.


Our mission is to champion the positive and proactive benefits of mateship for men's mental health creating a cultural shift in Australia.’


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Proactive and positive men's mental health movement.

Making a positive difference before things go pear shaped.

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